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          Before you order, listen to a couple of the selections below, which give you the flavor of the readings I produce.  Just click on the book cover to listen.  Be sure to scroll down to the Complete Recordings section where every couple of months I put up new children's stories, read in their entirety.

Gooseberry Park sample

from Gooseberry Park, by Cynthia Rylant -- A wonderful children's story about friendship, as viewed from the eyes of local woodland creatures.

from Tailchaser's Song, by Tad Williams -- a fantasy adventure starring a kitten who must come  of age in the midst of a dark plot hatched by fiendish felines.

Tailchaser's Song sample

          from Leading People The Black Belt Way,  by Timothy Warneka -- This innovative text identifies ways in which the martial art of Aikido can inform contemporary leadership techniques.

from Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X, by Victor Appleton II -- old time adventure tale about a brilliant young scientist and his inventive explorations.

Tom Swift sample


          All kids like stories, and I like kids -- so it's my custom to offer a few short children's selections in their entirety.  If bedtime stories remain a part of your own family rituals, perhaps you can take a night off!  Just click on the book cover to listen, or right-click and "Save Target As" to download.  Since I do record new stories from time to time, stop by every couple of months to see if anything's changed.  Or even easier, subscribe to my RSS feed(Subscribe to our RSS Feed!), and I'll let you know automatically when new recordings appear.

             Nathaniel Willy, Scared Silly, by Judith Mathews.  This is something of a bedtime story for the young ones.  But it's really pretty silly, and it might get them giggling.  Lessons in what not to do when a child becomes frightened at bedtime!  A terrific read-aloud book, well worth adding to your children's bookshelves.

Listen to Nathaniel Willy, Scared Silly!
Listen to Casey, The Utterly Impossible Horse!

      Casey, The Utterly Impossible Horse, by Anita Feagles.  An oldie but a goodie about a talking horse who really likes attention.  Fittingly, it's over an hour long!  You can download the whole thing (90+ MB) by clicking on the book cover, or you can download or listen chapter-by-chapter by clicking on the links below.

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NEW: One For The Grown-Ups

             Communion of Dreams, by James T. Downey.  This science-fiction novel set fifty years in the future is not only compelling, it's free!  You can download the entire novel in PDF format or in my MP3 audio rendition at the Communion of Dreams website.  The unabridged reading lasts 14.5 hours.

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