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          If you are looking to see if a book has already been recorded in audiobook format, the sites below may be of help.  You can also use many of these to track down rare or out-of-print volumes.  Please note that the links below are provided in alphabetical order for your convenience only.  OwnMade AudioBooks is not affiliated with any of these sites, and receives no financial compensation for any items purchased.

Bare bones audiobook site is difficult to navigate, but the books are 20% off retail, and they carry some titles that the other sites do not.


Central portal featuring the offerings of over 12,000 booksellers.  Highly customizable search and display options make this our preferred site to locate used books.


Another portal site providing centralized access to over 40 million volumes from a host of independent book dealers.


Internet pioneer with sterling reputation sells both new and used books, as well as audiobooks and much more.

Probably the big name in downloadable audiobooks.  The site currently advertises over 50,000 audio titles available.  Monthly memberships are available.


Difficult to browse, but it has a good search interface.  Good selection of tapes, CDs, and direct MP3 downloads.


Attractive site with a decent variety of choices.  Features a 40% off bargain selection as well as a mailing list.


The USA's largest retail book chain offers wide selection of new and used books and audiobooks, with excellent customer service.


Competitively priced southern USA bookstore chain features both books and audiobooks, new and used.  Quick and responsive customer service.


This search portal scans the offerings of over 60,000 booksellers. The Google of the used book community.


Another audiobook specialist offering a variety of genres through CDs, tapes, and direct downloads.


Auction site features thousands of out of print volumes and hard to find audiobooks.  Buyers must weigh prospect of excellent deals against haphazard availability and the need to closely monitor bidding process.

Selection is hit and miss, and it requires a proprietary download manager, but the audio is downloadable, meaning it can be on your computer and MP3 player about as soon as you get the urge.


eBay subsidiary provides central interface to personal collections, as well as to small book dealers.  Unlike eBay, prices are fixed, and collections posted permanently.


The net's largest virtual outlet mall.  Reliable vendor for a variety of goods is fast, reliable, and now they stock books.


Online presence for Portland's nationally renown independent bookstore.  Yahoo style categorical browsing permits the same serendipitous discovery that a neighborhood bookshop provides.

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