I'm Scot Wilcox. I not only love listening to audiobooks, I've been making them professionally for over 15 years.

     In that time, I've narrated and produced over 200 projects, about 60 of which are available on 

      As a past academic, lifelong learner, and recent grandfather, I enjoy working on all sorts of material. I've narrated books ranging from fabulist children's poetry to college chemistry textbooks.

     Due to that range, no matter what you've written, chances are I'll do it justice. 

Custom Audio for Anyone

     I enjoy working with writers, gift-givers, and  business people. I take directions well, and can narrate matter-of-factly or with campy high energy. If a character sounds a certain way in your head, I'll work hard to replicate it.

     Whatever you write, I'll do my best to capture its essence. I've created and delivered multiple projects in many genres:

  •  fantasy fiction
  •  science fiction
  •  post-apocalyptic fiction
  •  horror
  •  comic and camp fiction
  •  young adult fiction
  •  romance
  •  mysteries
  •  short stories
  •  children's books
  •  college textbooks
  •  popular culture
  •  American history
  •  sports
  •  religion
  •  personal improvement.
A happy customer gives two thumbs up for the sales and royalty income he may earn by commissioning an OwnMade Audiobook.

Sales and Royalty Income

    You've done the hard part already. You wrote the book. Let me do the rest. Add a new income stream without typing another page.

An old family portrait shows that family histories are one type of unique and cherished gift that OwnMade Audiobooks creates.

Memorably Unique Gifts

    From family histories to personal favorites unavailable in audio, your custom audiobook will be listened to again and again.

Inspired by hearing their stories produced as an audiobook, two newly inspired and motivated young writers excitedly write.

Motivate and Inspire

    Audiobooks teach young writers how their words sound to others. Engaged narration shows that their writing is exciting and worthwhile.

Young student at his workplace multi-tasks, studying by listening on his headphones to a custom OwnMade Audiobooks textbook.

Study Aids

    College professors and corporate trainers know that people often skip assigned readings. But most people will listen while multitasking.